The Top Edge Podcast looks at the reactions to Australia's Test loss

Australia's most recent loss to India was a disaster but some of the reactions have been extremely over the top.

Let's be honest, the chances of Australia winning a match in India was always low, let alone winning the series. Yes, it was disappointing to throw away a good position on day three in Dehli but beating India at home is a near-impossible task. In the last decade, the Indians have lost just two Tests away from home while winning 44 from 36. The Top Edge Podcast discussed all of the fallout from the second Test on the most recent episode.

While Australia struggled on the morning of day three, essentially losing nine wickets within 90 minutes the match was almost lost the day before. Giving up a 100-run lead to Ashwin and Axar with the bat just wasn't good enough.

That being said, and while we are all disappointed, some of the reactions to Australia's loss have simply been disgusting, or ill-informed.

Former Australian captain Allan Border was one of the harshest critics of the Australian side after they lost 9/52. And while some of it comes from a good place, some of it also seems to be thinking of the past.

Border criticised Steve Smith during the first Test for essentially sharing a laugh with Ashwin. The game has moved past having to be rude, mean or having ill will towards the opposition but Border hasn't. It was that kind of win-at-all-cost cricket that led to the sandpaper scandal.

Other critics have suggested it's time to get rid of Andrew McDonald after less than a year as head coach. While it's fine to criticise the coach and The Top Edge Podcast did the same about the tactics of the team, to suggest that any other coach would have done better is farcical.

Justin Langer is of course the name that has popped up more than any other when it comes to a replacement. Of course, people seem to forget Langer was in charge of the side during two home losses against India.

No tour game is of course something that has been mentioned with the idea that Australia was not prepared enough. While a tour game may have helped, India have hardly been helpful in this area as McDonald explained before the tour.

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